The same watchmaker who assembled your timepiece will carry out its servicing


Your Romain Gauthier timepiece has been designed, developed and manufactured to the very highest standards.

It is resistant to temperature variations, dust and moisture and, with regular maintenance, should provide many decades of pleasure.  

The movement powering your Romain Gauthier timepiece is a highly tuned, high-precision machine and, like all machines, requires regular maintenance to ensure a long life. 

Just as you would take your car in for a service after a certain number of miles on the clock, we recommend sending your Romain Gauthier timepiece back to Manufacture Romain Gauthier for service at least once every three years.

Your nearest Romain Gauthier authorised retailer can help you to do this.

A service sees your timepiece returned to the expert Romain Gauthier watchmaker who originally assembled and regulated it, ensuring continuity and quality.

The service includes carefully taking the movement from its case, disassembling the movement, checking and cleaning all components and applying fresh oil to components.

The hands are removed and polished, the sapphire crystals of the dial and display back are removed and cleaned. The strap is reconditioned and/or replaced and the Romain Gauthier pin buckle repolished.

The movement is put back into its repolished case and a battery of tests – the same ones as if the watch were new – are conducted, including testing and regulating the movement and winding mechanism, as well as water-resistance tests.

If necessary, the water-resistant seals are replaced. This is especially important if the timepiece is worn frequently in humid climates.

The entire servicing process will take at least one month – the length of time necessary to ensure that your watch maintains its value.

When returning your watch to the Manufacture be sure to pack it securely.

For all timepieces with a leather strap, we will ask you to send the watch without the strap.

Our tips looking after your Romain Gauthier timepiece

  • Avoid magnetic fields: To avoid magnetising the movement of your timepiece - which would adversely affect its performance - we advice that you keep your timepiece away from magnetic fields. We also recommend avoiding exposure to sources of heat.
  • Push the crown back properly against the case: After pulling out your watch's crown to set the time and/or wind it, ensure that the crown is pushed back in entirely against the case before contact or with water.
  • Prevent contact with diamonds and precious gems: The sapphire crystals are designed to be resistant to scratches, though avoiding contact with