cnn “The combination of legitimate engineering innovation and some of the finest finishing you'll find on any watch anywhere makes Gauthier's latest creation truly special.”
Monochrome “Visiting Romain Gauthier is an eye-opening experience... This independent watchmaker crafts just over 50 pieces a year with an exceptional level of finishing and an uncompromising watchmaking ethos.”
The new york times “Such finishes – like hand-bevelled bridges that require 20 hours of work or tiny screws topped with a special insignia – are Mr. Gauthier’s signature, earning him something of a reputation in the industry.”
Blog to watch “One of the unsung heroes of the independent watch making world... He, like so many others, does all this for the passion. There are men and women like him, and they make up the best of the watch industry.”
Hodinkee “It would be hard to think of a modern watchmaker who is pushing watchmaking and finishing to its limits in a more concerted way than Romain Gauthier.”
Robb Report “Gauthier, who builds a small line of complicated timepieces under his own name, is one of the most respected experts in computer-numerical-control fabrication in the industry.”
FHH Journal “A name to be reckoned with among the artisan-creators who are forging a new school of watchmaking, rethinking the genre in the same way as Truffaut, Godard and Chabrol with New Wave filmmaking in the late 1950s.”
Forbes “Gauthier is known for the extraordinary hand finishing applied to movement components.”
Barron’s Penta “Romain Gauthier is producing some of the finest ‘simple’ watches available on the market today… The smart money is betting big on this little-known brand. You should consider doing so, too.”
WatchTime “Romain Gauthier handcrafts some of the most beautiful and technologically advanced watches on the market, in incredibly limited numbers.”
Bloomberg “What I love about this watch… is that [it] manages to combine high horology (with insane finishing and attention to detail) with functionality.”
Quill and Pad “Gauthier deserves to be recognized for his future historical significance, and I am certain that future horology historians will agree that he helped shape watchmaking in the twenty-first century.”