C by Romain Gauthier

x Anita Porchet - Ref. MON00552

C by Romain Gauthier x Anita Porchet, MON00552

An exceptional collaboration between two art lovers

For TimeForArt, one of the world’s greatest enameller artist, Anita Porchet, and master watchmaker Romain Gauthier have reunited their expertise to create an exceptional, unique timepiece: a C by Romain Gauthier Platinum Edition, featuring an 18k white gold movement and sublimated by a miniature painting Grand Feu enamel dial signed by Anita Porchet.

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TimeForArt is a curated benefit auction of exceptional timepieces from the world’s greatest watchmakers, with 100% of the proceeds directly enabling today’s most visionary artists, through Swiss Institute’s exhibitions, public programs, education and community engagement workshops – all free of charge.

TimeForArt will be introduced as its own dedicated chapter of the Phillips New York Watch Auction in December 2022.

C by Romain Gauthier x Anita Porchet, MON00552

A powerful relationship between nature and humanity

Given full carte-blanche for the very first time, Anita Porchet drew inspiration from Century botanical illustrations and the spiritual reverence found in Chinese ink wash paintings.                  
Raw, spontaneous, rich with contrasting light and dark tones contrasted with the bright red lines of the small-seconds dial, the piece is a reflection on the powerful relationship between nature and humanity.

C by Romain Gauthier Platinum Edition, MON00552

18k white gold movement

Featuring an 18k white gold movement carefully hand-finished by the Manufacture's artisans, this timepiece is a harmonious blend of the brand’s legacy and future, a modern and casual approach contrasted by precious materials and refined craftsmanship. It is an exceptionally unique piece of C by Romain Gauthier Platinum Edition that perfectly reflects Gauthier’s vision: The Evolution of Tradition. 

Anita Porchet, C by Romain Gauthier

Two art lovers united by the same values

Anita and Romain are two passionate people who create and realize their works of art with no compromise approach, with an eye for detail and beauty. They are two craftsmen who advocate the values of the handmade and who do not give importance to time.

C by Romain Gauthier